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About Us

I began RJT Products after being coaxed by my children to turn my 'hobby' of creating new or improving on existing products into a business.

I turned a spare bedroom into a work room and began to tinker, design, stitch, and craft.
I made all sorts of things some very useful and some not so useful.

The ROJETI Double Hanger Laundry Bag was created when my oldest daughter requested a solution for keeping her dry cleaning separated from her regular laundry. You see, her husband decided to help with the laundry and (as sometimes happens) the dry cleaning was mixed with the washables ... and let's just say a shopping trip soon followed.

Something needed to be done to prevent such an expensive mistake from happening again. At first she thought about using different laundry bins, but had limited floor space. As she reorganized her closet, it was obvious that the solution needed to be something that was portable and hangable. After trying out a variety of designs, we settled on the ROJETI Double Hanger Laundry Bag.

The design of the Double Hanger Laundry Bag is perfect for sorting, storing and transporting your laundry.

As a very dear friend said: 'Its laundry perfection - I can hide my dirty clothes in plain sight!'

The original design has since spawned a product line of Closet and Travel Accessories which continues to grow, improve, and expand.

As for the ROJETI name - it's the first two letters of my children's names Robin (RO), Jeffrey (JE), and Tiffany (TI).

Thank you for visiting our website. We take great pride in bringing you quality products.

Joyce Finnegan
RJT Products - CEO/President